Welcome to Karaoke Earth submissions. Here are the guidelines...

1) Send the original video of you singing your favorite song. Keep it at 3 minutes or less. The quality must look good.

2) Give your name and contact info. Phone number and email. (it will remain confidential)

3) Explain when and where you did the video and your experience singing.

4) When we select you as a winner of the week... we will place you on our site and give info on your self.

Thanks for having us hear you and others sing all over the world...


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Anna Sahlstrom •  Los Angeles, CA. • "How Could I Ever Know"

Jon Pirincci • Rochester, NY • "I Want You To Want Me"

Jerry O'Brien • "Careless Whisper"

Cindy Simmons • "Honky Tonk Woman"

Sharon Edwards' Birthday Party

Nunzio • Miami, FL • "Mack The Knife"